Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Do I Really Need Another Blog???

Well, apparently the answer is a resounding YES! Two more, in fact! With my original blog The Jackson Family Blog being completely taken over by super cute pics of my super cute kids, I decided I needed a separate outlet for two of my other loves: artsy crafty stuff and a more editorial blog with my take on different social and current issues (kind of what my original blog started off as.) Not that anyone particularly cares what I have to say on these topics, but as a writer by nature, when I hear about something going on in the world, my first impulse it to write about it. So this blog, as the name implies, will be dedicated to all of my arts and crafts endeavors - all things crafty, so to speak! I've been getting a lot of fun and creative ideas from Pintrest, and Cohen and I have been having a blast trying them out! I hope to use this blog to showcase our crafts and perhaps inspire others as well! Hope you enjoy!

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