Saturday, November 5, 2011

M&M "Gum Ball" Machine

Saw a super cute bright red gum ball machine on Pintrest, but of course Cohen wanted to paint his "all the colors!" HA! And we replaced gum balls with more Cohen-friendly M&M's!

--terra cotta pot
--terra cotta dish
--small deocorative fish bowl
--wooden knob
--acrylic paints (work better than washable paints on terra cotta)
--E6000 glue (or something like that; needs to be able to glue together glass & terra cotta)

This one's super easy! Just glue the glass bowl to the terra cotta pot (make sure when you are buying them that the diameters match) and glue the wooden knob onto the terra cotta dish. Let dry, paint and attach ribbon, fill with candy...voila! Easy!

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