Monday, November 7, 2011

Melted Crayon Stained Glass Window Leaves

The results of this pretty fall craft were nice, but to be honest it took quite a bit longer and more effort than I anticipated.

--construction paper or cardstock
--various leaf templates
--wax paper
--crayon shavings

First, I printed and cut out various simple leaf patterns from the Internet (the more simple the better for easier cutting). Next, I cut out several squares of 5 x 5 inch cardstock (I decided to do 6 leaves, so I cut out 12 squares of cardstock - you need two pieces for each leaf).  I traced a leaf on the top sheet of each of the cardstock pairs. Firmly holding the two pieces of cardstock together, I cut out the leaf. It was fairly difficult to cut the cardstock because it was so thick, construction paper would definitely be easier to cut, but wouldn't be as sturdy. Next, came the crayon shaving. I found that a potato peeler worked best to shave the crayons, but I would definitely recommend using those big fat toddler crayons since it was really difficult to get shavings from the regular sized crayons (they kept snapping in two). Next, I cut approximately 5 inch squares of wax paper. Cohen sprinkled the shavings between two pieces of the wax paper and then he helped me iron (on a very low setting) it. Don't overdue the ironing; it melts very quickly! Also, a few crayon shavings go a LONG way! Don't put too many or they melt and run out of the wax paper. I would say about a half a teaspoon of shavings per leaf would be fine. After you've melted the crayon, glue the stained "glass" wax paper to one side of the cardstock and then glue the other leaf cut-out on top, lining up the leaf cut-outs.

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