Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sun Catcher Window Art

I saw something similar to this on Pintrest and thought it was such a cute idea! Originally it was meant to be more of a temporary craft but I thought it would be neat to display Cohen's artwork in a more permanent manner, so I made a few adjustments! I think it turned out great! And it's really pretty when the sun is shining through the window!

--cheap picture frames
--assorted transparent stones
--acrylic paints
--paint brushes
--clear drying glue
--a sponge paint brush
--permanent foam mounting tape

I bought 6 frames from the Dollar Store (literally for $1 each) and several bags of the assorted transparent stones. If you aren't doing as many, you might want to get a little nicer frame that has a deeper space between the front of the frame and the glass. I took the back off of the frames leaving just the glass. I tried to glue the glass onto the frame but didn't have much luck. Honestly, I didn't try that hard because I knew that I would be mounting them to the window, but I'm sure something like E6000 glue would work. Next, I used a sponge paint brush to spread a medium thickness coat of glue on the outside glass (since the stones were thicker than the frame depth). Then came Cohen's part: sticking on all of the stones all over the glue. Then simply let dry!

Cohen glued stones to three of the frames and painted the other three with acrylic paints and paint brushes.

Finally I used Scotch 1/2 in. permanent mounting foam tape (holding up to 2 lbs.) to mount the frames to the windows. The original craft suggested glueing suction cups to the back of the frames to mount, but the frames with the stones were far too heavy to mount with only suction cups. Besides, I knew that I wanted them mounted more permanently.

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