Monday, December 26, 2011

Terra Cotta Snow Men

With a bit of help from me, my son made these cute snow men to give as presents at our family Christmas!
--small terra cotta pots
--small white styrofoam balls 
--white acryllic paint (I used the Patio Paint made especially for terra cotta)
--glue (I used E6000)
--glitter glue
--brown and orange pipe cleaners
--socks (for hats and scarves)
--black marker
--assorted buttons
--thin string

My son painted all of the pots and styrofoam balls with the white paint, then I used the E6000 glue to attach the heads (balls) to the body (pots). After it dried thouroughly, Cohen painted glitter glue all over them to make them sparkle. Using the brown pipe cleaner, I cut and attached the arms by sticking them into the styrofoam where it meets the body. Then I made the hats by cutting about 4 inches off the ankle part of a pair of socks (I found that the hat stays on better if you use the elastic ankle part of the sock to fit around the head). Place the sock on the snowman's head and then use the string to tie it off at the top. I then used a pair of scissors to cut strips at the top to make the pom-pom. Using the remainder of the sock, cut out a small scarf to wrap around where the head meets the body, covering up where you stuck in the arms. Then, Cohen used a small piece of orange pipe cleaner to stick in for the nose and a marker to make the eyes and mouth. And finally, he glued on the buttons.

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