Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving Place Setting Treats

For Thanksgiving I made these really cute Indian Corn table place settings! They take a bit of effort but the results are worth it!

--disposable plastic icing bags (I used Wilton bags)
--Woodsie Craft Circles - 1 1/4 in. diameter
--heavy duty double sided crafting tape
--floral wire (preferably tan color, but I used green since that's all I had)
--wire snips
--Reese's Pieces or fall colored M&M's
--card stock and paper to make name tags

I'll use the pictures that follow to try to explain in detail the process I used, but you'll definitely need to find your own mojo in creating these:

First cut off about 3 inches from the tip of the icing bag. You want to cut off enough of the tip so that when you place the wooden circle inside the bag you'll have just about 1/4 inch of bag to fold over and tape down on the wooden circle. This is the most difficult part - manuevering the wooden circle into the bag because its tendency is to flip on you. But once you figure it out, it will go more smoothly.
Tape down the excess bag as flatly as possible. I used heavy duty double sided crafting adhesive, since regular double sided tape wasn't strong enough to hold. This picture shows 2 sides taped down; I still have to tape down the other 2 sides that you see sticking up.
Tape the second wooden circle to make a flat bottom.
Fill the bag with candy about 3 inches high or so.
Tightly tie off with a generous length of floral wire.
Next, take about 4-5 long strands of raffia and wrap them tightly in a circle around your hand. Slip off the loop of raffia keeping it pinched together.
Keeping the raffia pinched together at the bottom, squeeze it together like shown below.
Using the excess floral wire that you used to tie off the bag, attach the raffia loop to the bag. Cut off the excess top of the icing bag leaving just about 3/4 inch above the wire.
Take another couple strands of raffia and wrap about the base of the "husks" covering up the floral wire and the excess bag at the top.
In this picture you see the excess icing bag has been cut off and I'm wrapping around the raffia to cover up the wire and the bit of bag that is exposed at the top.
Tie off the raffia and make a bow. Then cut the looped raffia at the top to finish the corn husks. Finally, you can attach a name card to each of the ears of corn to use as a place setting!

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